Two spinners are spun. One has 5 sections labeled Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow, and Green. The other has three sections labeled 1, 2, and 3. Find the Sample Space. 1. Create a tree diagram to show the outcomes for these two spinners. (4 points)

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]S = 15[/tex] possible outcomesStep-by-step explanation:For any experiment, the sample space of this experiment is the set of all the possible results of the experiment. In this case we have two spinners. The first has 5 colors, by spinning the spinner you can get up to 5 different results. Therefore the sample space is [tex]S_1 = 5[/tex]For the second spinner there are 3 possible results. By spinning the spinner you can get the numbers 1, 2 or 3. Then [tex]S_2 = 3[/tex]. Then, if the two spinners are rotated, the sample space would be: [tex]S = 5*3[/tex][tex]S = 15[/tex] possible outcomes. The tree diagram shown in the attached image shows the 15 possible results{R, 1} {R, 2} {R, 3} {O, 1} {O, 2} {O, 3} {Y, 1} {Y, 2} {Y, 3} {P, 1} {P, 2} {P, 3} {G, 1}{G, 2} {G, 3}